Think before you drink fizzy drinks

Fizzy sugary drinks don’t just add to the size of your waist but as Macquarie University scientists have identified over 300 proteins that are affected by them. They note that there is evidence that the over-consumption of sugary fizzy drinks leaves you open to some serious health outcomes.

Whilst the occasional soft drink causes no problems the recommendation for good health is to avoid over-consumption. The message is the same for drinking alcohol – think before you drink and if you are thirsty drink water!

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I’m Dr John Darcy and this is Health Check brought to you by your community pharmacist. Remember, ask your pharmacist.

Should men over 50 have the PSA test or not?

The Prostate Specific Antigen is the most important issue in men’s health but it’s wrapped in controversy. Should men over 50 have the PSA test or not? It’s all about informed consent. So listen in and start the process of informing yourself.

I’m Dr John Darcy and this is Health Check brought to you by your community pharmacist. Remember, ask your pharmacist.

Spread knowledge, not infections

Because of antibiotics, half a century ago we thought we had beaten the bugs. Not so! Today, the misuse and overuse of these life-saving medicines is contributing to one of the greatest threats to human health. Every time we use antibiotics incorrectly or inappropriately we contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Spread knowledge, not infections. This means always practicing good hygiene, talking to your health professional about antibiotic resistance, and encouraging those around you to become resistance fighters too.

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Helping reduce exercise-induced asthma – naturally!


Pam Stone, the Director of Education at Blackmores, discusses a new study that used green lipped mussel extract as an additional treatment for childhood exercise induced asthma. This study looked at a group of children with mild exercise induced asthma and it found taking a green lipped mussel extract significantly reduced the number of times the children required their traditional medications.

Listen in as Pam discusses the study and remember this is a complementary treatment not a replacement for existing asthma medications. You can find more about this study on the Blackmores website. Always discuss your health choices with your pharmacist or your doctor. if you would like to follow the discussion join me at Health Matters with Dr John D’Arcy on Facebook.

Can sunglasses be bad for eye health?

The eye health of our children is something that we often take for granted. However, recent research has identified a significant decline in eye health with a surprising concentration in highly urbanised areas. Professor Kathryn Rose from The University of Sydney has tracked the alarming rise in myopia and she has identified insufficient exposure to sunshine as the most likely culprit. Sunlight is an important element in regulating the growth of the eye and the intensity of indoor light is not sufficient to provide for its ideal development.

Dr John speaks with Professor Rose about recent research that highlights raising rates of long and short sightedness in children and identifies kids wearing sunglasses as a possible contributing factor. Listen in as Dr John and Professor Rose examine the public health issues that underlie the increasing rates of myopia in the developed world. They provide practical advice, especially for time poor parents, about ensuring their children’s eye health now and into the future.

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Helping people with Muscular Dystrophy


Life often throws curve balls at us and surviving these difficult times requires amazing strength. In 1984 Boris Struk encountered one of those moments and for a long time he was unsure of what to do. In that year his son Ryan was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and found little information about the condition and even less support for the sufferers and their families.

Listen in as Boris Struk talks with Dr John talks about the organisation he set up and its work.  Since it was founded almost thirty years the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has raised over $43 million dollars for research into Muscular Dystrophy and along the way became the world’s first website focusing solely on the condition.

If you would like to know more about Boris Struk’s story or to support the fundraising for this worthy cause you can go the MDA website or follow the discussion with Dr John D’Arcy on Facebook.

HRT and Menopause


Dr John talks about how Menopause can have life limiting and even debilitating impacts for some women. However conflicting studies over the years have left women unsure of whether they should make use of hormone replacement therapy. Dr John talks with Professor Barry Wren one of the original founders of the Australian Menopause Society about the safety and appropriateness of HRT.

Listen to Professor Wren who cites evidence that subsequent to large numbers of stopping HRT treatment in 2002 that there have been significant rises of the incidence of osteopathic fractures, heart attack and stroke as well as Alzheimer’s dementia when compared to women who had continued with HRT treatment.

Professor Wren advocates that women start with HRT early and continue for at least fifteen years. He has also written a book, ‘Menopause: Change, Choice and HRT’ to help women understand the benefits and the risks associated with HRT. If you would like to follow the discussion join Dr John D’Arcy on Facebook.