World diabetes day

Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in the world with a new case being diagnosed every 5 minutes! To make matter worse there are thousand whose weight has increased, blood glucose risen and are on the way to diabetes. But you can turn the ship around and the earlier the better.

Listen in for some practical steps that you can take to avoid diabetes.

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The Kick Start Diet helps you reach positive health goals

You have heard it before? Well here it comes again! The Kick Start Diet began 10 years ago and is based on a rapid weight loss. It starts with with a nutritious soup to be eaten when ever, there’s a basic activity plan that’s no marathon and it flows to a low GI diet which also underlines lean protein and healthy fats.

More info? Google Kick Start diet 13 and talk to your pharmacist about other ways to reach your goals.

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