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Managing Osteoarthritis without drugs

In this segment from Health Matters Dr John and Kate Richards talk with Ann Ashford who has managed to control her Osteoarthritis without drugs or surgery. Ann achieved this in six months through weight loss. At 81kg she was almost… Continue Reading →

Reduce the risk of a fall

Dr John is no spring chicken either but he knows that falls prevention works wonders in assisting older people. Listen in as Dr John explains how: For additional information read what Victoria’s Better Health Channel has to say on the… Continue Reading →

How hard is it to reduce the risk of diabetes?

The answer is easy – with a couple of simple steps a person at risk of Type 2 Diabetes can cut their risk in half! Listen in as Dr john gives you right tips on changing your improving both your… Continue Reading →

What’s it mean if I have high triglycerides?

Triglycerides are fats that move through the blood and are stored in body tissues. If you also have high cholesterol your doctor may prescribed statins to reduce the the triglyceride. However, there are things that you should do to help…. Continue Reading →

There is real value in pulling weight when you have cancer

In a review of past studies researchers have determined that resistance training was helpful to cancer patients. The tests showed consistent results for patients in the early and later stages of their treatment. Dr John notes that this was even… Continue Reading →

Even when people have a heart attack they don’t make healthy changes after it

Chronic disease is changing the way we live. We are growing older but we are sicker. 50% of heart attack survivors don’t change their bad lifestyle choices and so they significantly increase the risk of a subsequent heart attack. After… Continue Reading →

How to feel brighter and more alert

Trying to pack another 8 hours into an already full and busy day? The result will be restless nights and weary mornings but there are ways to stop it! Light in the night interrupts our natural circadian rhythms and Dr… Continue Reading →

A question of balance

Your balance is controlled by a delicate process that collects information from so many sources. Your inner ears, vision, muscles and joints are all accessed by your brain with messages going out and back to ensure you stay in balance…. Continue Reading →

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