Targeted therapies, designed to beat each cancer are showing great promise.

Whilst chemotherapy saved lives it kills all cells not just the cancer cells.
Now,there is a better way. “Targeted” or “personalised cancer therapy.
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Difficult symptoms of chemotherapy


Cancer and its treatments cause a variety of side effects, some of which people recover from quickly, while others last long after treatment is over. After chemotherapy, around 70% of cancer survivors report difficulties with memory and concentration – this is colloquially known as “chemo brain”.

Studies that evaluate cancer patients over time (longitudinal studies) have shown that about 20% to 30% have cognitive problems, whereas we would expect about 10% impairment in healthy people.

Listen to Dr John as he discusses what’s to blame – cancer or chemo? In the meantime you can follow the discussion with Dr John D’Arcy on Facebook.

Sally’s Story – Surviving Breast Cancer


Sally Obermeder was living the dream – great job as the entertainment reporter on Today Tonight, a marriage to the man of her dreams and after successful IVF treatment was 41 weeks pregnant – but a diagnosis of breast cancer through all that into doubt! Sally suffered through a heavy regime of chemotherapy and eventually a double mastectomy.

Sally’s story is inspirational – she successfully delivered her beautiful daughter and with great support has fought back to survive and thrive. Listen in as Sally tells us more of her story.

She has also written of her story in a recently published book ‘Never Stop Believing. For more information or to continue the conversation, visit Health Matters with Dr John D’Arcy on Facebook.