There is a worldwide push to decrease the amount of antibiotics used for illness where they are not effective.

I realise that when you are stuffed up with a severe cold or flu or even if you have a sinus infection you will ask for what helped you last time. In many cases that’ll be an antibiotic.

Recent research is showing that in over 90% of cases the cause is a virus which is not sensitive to an antibiotic and that rest, pain relief and rehydration will do the job.

Listen to Dr John highlight the significance of the problem:

There is a real pressure on doctors to write a script, just in case!

Every time we use antibiotics incorrectly or inappropriately we contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

It’s a good time to talk this through with your pharmacist who will offer you over the counter medications to ease you symptoms. But remember if the symptoms persist see your doctor.

The takeaway message is simple, be an antibiotic resistance fighter!