Dr John speaks about the unexpected impacts that hearing impairment has for people. He talks about his own experiences after an accident that left him with no hearing in one ear and reduced hearing in his other. 60% of people over 60 years of age have a hearing impairment and this just grows and grows as we age. But for men the situation is worse. Typically men are exposed to more sound damage and Dr John John makes the point that noise destroys.

For many years Dr John got by with the help of some useful tips – telling people that he was hearing impaired and sitting in the right spot to maximise his chances of hearing what was been said. However, there comes a time when he needed more help.

His first hearing aid radically reduced the fatigue of listening and this is the case for everyone with a hearing impairment. Dr John said that the hearing aid made a huge difference for him – not just in his personal life but also in his professional life. He has a message for men and he urges them to do something about their hearing loss. The evidence is clear that as men’s hearing diminished so does their level of social interactions. This leads to some really significant problems with regards to social isolation and depression.

Dr John’s recommendation is to make use of the National Hearing network and get a free hearing check today.

For more information go to the Australian Hearing website – They provide world leading research and hearing services for the wellbeing of all Australians – they are all about working with you to get the most out of everything hearing related.