Alzheimer’s dementia is probably our most feared disease. Whilst there are no cures for the disease there are some things that we can do that can slow its onset. Listen in as Dr John provides us with an insight into the disease and some of the things you can go:

Victoria’s Better Health Channel recommends the following preventative actions:

  • mental activity – regularly challenging your brain with mentally stimulating activities through education, occupation or leisure is associated with lower risk of cognitive (how we think, including reasoning and memory) decline and dementia
  • social activity – participating in social activities and being connected with your community, family and friends is associated with a lower risk of dementia
  • reduced alcohol intake – too much alcohol can damage your brain and lead to an increased risk of developing dementia
  • improved diet – the available evidence suggests a healthy diet can play a role in promoting brain healthphysical activity – regular physical exercise is associated with better brain function and reduced risk of cognitive decline and dementia.