Trying to pack another 8 hours into an already full and busy day? The result will be restless nights and weary mornings but there are ways to stop it!

Light in the night interrupts our natural circadian rhythms and Dr John recommends creating a sleep ritual and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine. However, if you are doing all the right things and insomnia is still a problem it’s time for a health chat with your doctor. Listen in for DR John’s tips to make you feel brighter and more alert.

For more information on Insomnia go to The Better Health Channel website. Their take-away points include:

  • Insomnia is a symptom, not a disease. The cause (or causes) of insomnia needs to be identified and corrected.
  • Insomnia means having trouble with how well or how much you sleep.
  • People keep themselves awake by worrying about going to sleep.
  • Long-term chronic insomnia needs professional support and a lot of patience.