Bowel cancer kills more women than breast cancer and more men that prostate cancer but people are not getting the message and so 12 people die every day in Australia from bowel cancer.
Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world and this led the Gut Foundation together with businessman John Singelton is doing something about it. I am talking with Professor Terry Bolin the President of the Gut Foundation about their new program which strikes the right balance between awareness and education.

In their pilot program that took a different approach to the national screening program that sends a kit through the mail. They targeted a younger demographic males aged over 40 and the results were staggering. Of the 200 positive tests, 50 were in the aged group of 40 – 49 years. Twenty of the people with positive results had significant problems.

Listen in now to the discussion:

The results of this study indicate that everyone over forty should ensure that their GP organises a bowel cancer screening test. Talk to your doctor about it soon. If you would like to know more about this and other studies go to the Gut Foundation website.