Tired and confused? Low Vitamin B12 levels could be the culprit!


Vitamin B12 is a vital component for good health and some people are more susceptible to having low levels. So just who might have low levels of vitamin B12? The list might include people over fifty, some diabetics, people being treated for heartburn and vegans or people with very strict vegetarian diets.

Vitamin B12 is important because it keeps your nerves and blood cells healthy, it’s part of making our essential DNA and it also helps prevent certain types of anaemia. You need acid in your stomach to help vitamin B12 do its job. Tiredness, weight loss, anaemia and even confusion and depression are some of the symptoms of people suffering from low levels of vitamin B12. There are also some indications that low vitamin B12 levels might be associated with dementia.

Dr John recommends that if you fall are someone potentially at risk that you get a check of your vitamin B12 levels when you have your next see your doctor and a simple multi-vitamin could make all the difference.

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