How to select healthy items in the supermarket!

Selecting healthy goods in the Supermarket! It’s possible but it takes time.
The International Grocery Councils don’t want you to know what’s in the stuff they put in fancy boxes.
In fact they paid one Billion Euros in Europe to stop ‘Traffic Lights on Food.
Green for ‘go for it’;
Yellow for… ‘Take a little care’ and Red for ‘take heaps of care.’
One Billion dollars!

They don’t want you to know because they fear you won’t buy and with the obesity epidemic that is affecting most of us, we really need to know!
My tips?
Always buy fresh and not a lot of it so that it rests in you cupboard, isn’t used and goes bad.
I make the green grocer my best friend.
If tucker is in a fancy package with a ‘use by date’, I whack it in the Red Light category.

I may still buy it but I take special care.
Have a listen to Health Matters this morning.
What’s your way of beating the system?
Let me know!!!!!


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