No doubt about it! We’re living longer

A week or so ago I ran a forum for the Kolling Foundation at The Royal North Shore Hospital on ‘growing older and staying healthy.

There wasn’t a spare seat. A bloke with grey hair and the bushiest eye brows I’ve ever seen stood up and didn’t need the microphone. He announced he was 95 and the key to healthy living was not over eating, exercising every day and 2 glasses of Shiraz at night.

He was so right. When the experts talked about heart disease that’s just what they said.

When the topic was dementia and particularly Alzheimer’s there is clear evidence that whilst staying socially in touch is important, it’s the exercise that may slow or even stop the onset of the disease.

In fact its to only thing which carries weight in the research stakes but I think we would all agree, making that first step is the hardest.

Walking regularly is so important. I reckon the idea of leaving your walking shoes, socks, shirt, sunnies at the end of the bed (so you can’t miss them in the morning), is the way to go. All you need to pick up before you hit the pavement is your pedometer. Knowing how many steps you cover each day is a good motivator.

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