Imagine if your mum had dementia, was noisy so the hospital arranged for her to have drugs used to treat psychosis?

It’s a real worry. We all know that we are growing older and that the pressures on us all, on society would increase as those who are older need special care. But, what did we do about it? Not nearly enough!

Most nursing is done at university, unlike in my day when a good nurse who was ward trained, could give a prescription medicine but was not afraid to get her or his dirty if the bed needed changing.

Increasingly, as we grow older there will be more patients with dementia.

It will double in the next 30 years. Who will look after them? Who knows!

Professor David Lacouteur from Sydney’s Concord Hospital reckons as many as 6,000 nursing home patients around the nation have died prematurely from the side effects of being given anti-psychotic drugs to ‘calm them down.’

What if it was your parent? Have a listen to David!


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