Me at the Retirement Expo last weekend.

When Australian Hearing asked me to speak on how I overcame my hearing impairment, I didn’t realise at first, it was at the Sydney Retirement Expo.

Its funny, I didn’t think of myself as being in that retirement age group as I walked through the gates it took a single moment to realise I was the same age as my audience.

It niggled me at first. I thought, hang on! I’m only 65 but I soon changed my attitude.

Let me tell you why. I really enjoyed talking with people. Finding out who they were what each was doing with their retirement.

Those who always had been campers were continuing to camp and were all over the pop-up tents on trailers, the caravan’s and motor homes.

The gardeners crowded around the garden tool store  and listened  carefully to  the Garden king,Graham Ross  telling them how to  trim a tree and when to plant their summer veggies.

There were smiles all round and what really impressed my was the number of folk holding hands.

They say, the last stage of your life can be  ‘your golden years’ and for my’ happy campers’, it really is.

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