Over diagnosed and over treated.

Are you at risk of being over screened, over diagnosed and over treated. British experts think you are.

The old saying, first do no harm is under threat.

Another old saying is that if technology exists it will be used and experts writing in the British medical journal say that happening in health.

Screening tests are finding lumps and bumps which if left alone may do no harm.

Creating labels for conditions that are really only personality traits and offering treatments which may not be unnecessary but may be dangerous.

What should you do? It’s all about communications. Don’t be the first cab off the rank for the latest treatment. Take notes when you see the doctor; ask for second opinions and don’t forget that many issues get better without therapy and just a tincture of time.

I’m Dr John Darcy and this is Health Check brought to you by your community pharmacist. Remember, ask your pharmacist

Over-diagnosis: how to stop harming the healthy: http://tinyurl.com/76vpk6v

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