Asthma at any age.

Never had asthma? Now your fifty and started to wheeze when you walk fast.

Even if you did not have asthma as a child you can get it later in life. It’s interesting your wheeze happens when you exercise and that is a known trigger

Wheeze is caused by an obstruction to the air flowing in and out of your airways, often caused by a constriction in the air pipe.

Although wheeze commonly happens during an asthma attack it might be due to blocked sinuses, severe allergies but also to chronic lung diseases, often the result of smoking.

The clear rule of thumb is; wheeze needs an accurate diagnosis.

Each of its causes has a special plan for treatment.

So it’s vital to see your doctor.

I’m Dr John Darcy and this is Health Check brought to you by your community pharmacist. Remember, ask your pharmacist

Asthma as you age

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