Sudden unexplained death in childhood

Recently on the program we were talking about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. Most people have heard of SIDS but not of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood.

It is a rare condition which as the name explains, suddenly claims the lives of children, typically between one and five years of age – without any explanation for the cause. It is very rare which means that research into the cause is made even more difficult.

Kylie Trewin lost her darling son Cooper at just 16 months of age to SUDC and since this time she has dedicated her life to the mission of finding a reason and a cure and Kylie joins me and Kate Richards to talk about this devastating condition.

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To shed some light on the causes we are joined by Dr. Jhodie Duncan, Australian Coordinator of the SUDC International Research Initiative. Jhodie talks about:

    What is SUDC
    How it is different to SIDS
    When it occurs
    What we know about the cause
    What we yet don’t know?
    The avenues being investigated by research

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